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Lost in the internet. The tell us about yourself is the most important part of this profile and we should open a tab and search this textarea and if we are lucky we understand than the other fields are less usefull than this one. IT SHOULD BE PUT AT THE FIRST PLACE but to do it I should learn how to do it.

Hubzilla is a soltware that is doing all. It is like a programming language. You can do all what you want. If you know how to program. With hubzilla if you don't know how to use it you don't know.

My web site is :
The goal of this channel is to communicate with the hubzilla community. I plan to translate the help part into french. Maybe to create a site or website that explain what is hubzilla , how to use it and how to install it. I can only communicate with hubzilla people. Sorry for ActivityPub or Diaspora or Ostatus my hub does not allow it

Otherwise I am in Switzerland. I like walking into forest or mountain.

I hate [Markdown]

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