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I notice in some new hubzila hub version 3.2 you can have at the right a block with links

I ugrade a hub and don't see that. How to allow my visitor to have this links to help them
Mike Macgirvin
As mentioned in this thread the beginner's menu is only active for the first 60 days after account creation. It is expected that after this time you will have learned your way around the standard tools and that the presence of the beginner's menu will only cause clutter on your screen.

I acknowledge that there may be strong feelings about this feature and proposals for better or different ways to accomplish it, and that is precisely why the project is open source. The widget code is here:
I am looking for a new hub for my english channel. choosing a hub is like lottery. You still have information (not very accessible)  at the end you try and after the use you know if the hub where you are is good or if it is missing something.

This is my hubzilla experience.
giac hellvecio
Leaving aside the fact of having friends, relatives, companions to talk with, which currently seems very difficult in this era of monopoly of communications ...

another very important question about finding a public hub is:
find a truly competent and super-involved administrator in the project, who has opened a public hub. Starting from this then you can see what kind of plugins has etc ...

If you are always ready and able to clone your things, then, maybe, here in hubzilla everything becomes a bit  easier ;-)
It is not easy to know the administrator of a hub and the plugin installed.
giac hellvecio
It is not so easy maybe  "find a truly competent and super-involved administrator in the project" IMHO
Mario VavtiMario Vavti escreveu a seguinte publicação Fri, 09 Mar 2018 07:24:06 -0300
Hubzilla 3.2 Released!
The Hubzilla 3.2 release cycle was mostly dedicated to performance and usability improvements. We have managed to significantly improve the performance of item table queries. This means that the network and channel streams and also the notification updates are loading significantly faster now. In fact the whole app feels snappier.
Under the hood performance has been improved by implementing the zot6 protocol for item deliveries. This saves a verification callback and basically doubles delivery performance on both ends of the connection.
The user experience has been enhanced by streamlining the registration and channel creation process. A new member widget has been introduced to provide easy accessible, useful links for newcomers.
Work is being done to implement cross protocol compatible shares, polls, and events. This work is ongoing and about half way implemented.

Here is the list of the most notable changes:

  • Rename Addon/Feature settings to Addon Settings
  • Move privacy groups feature setting to the newly created Access Control and Permissions features tab
  • Require directory servers to be using some modern form of encryption
  • Change icon set from font-awesome to fork-awesome
  • Mark connections where we do not have post_comments permissions with an no entry sign
  • Provide DB compatibility for poll and voting implementations across several platforms
  • Introduce the summary bbcode
  • Refactor the DB update system
  • Provide option to block the public stream unless authenticated
  • Refactor shares and turn shares into activities
  • Show likes and dislikes in notices if always_show_in_notices is set
  • Implement zot6 delivery
  • Remove mobile_detect library
  • Alter image selection widget to accept/submit on choose
  • Surface the ability to change the landing page after channel creation
  • New module "go" to present several possible things to do after channel creation
  • Improve browser language detection
  • New image cropper library to also support touch devices
  • Provide channel list function in the zot api
  • Introduce a local pubstream option to show content from this site only
  • Introduce the articles feature
  • Markdown in posts/comments feature moved to plugins
  • Support for tables in markdown
  • Numerous code simplifications, general cleanup and bugfixes

A big THANK YOU! to all the translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

Get it while it's hot!

Please consider to support this project:

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Maria Karlsen
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Always put your shoes on the hatrack:-) And always keep bones available.
(In our family we've had to make sure the laundry basket is unavailable if unattended...)
Few days ago, he ate the remote control of the TV. I did not watch the TV a lot but now I don't use anymore. It is completely brocken.  This dog needs lot of attention. If he does have it he does mistakes.
Maria Karlsen
Our dog chewed the charger cable to my laptop when she was a puppy.  Luckily I could find a replacement. Now she is two years old, so less to worry about - though she still needs a lot of exercise and "nosework" - and bones.
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More stupid tricks
One of the benefits of writing your own weblog software is you can do things like this.
As I cannot comment @Mike Macgirvin  I need to share and comment on my share

What is dend ?

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how to allow or disallow anonymous comment or content ?

On my hub I receive now spam for viagra. I did not accept it but I would like to block anonimous comment for all my hub

how to do it ?

Is is hub configuration or channel configuration ?
I would like as admin to block it on every channel of the hub if this parameter is on the channel level
Mike Macgirvin
This would require a code change. Put it in the issue tracker and perhaps someday somebody with motivation to do so will #makeithappen.

It may not be me, because it is already hidden behind techlevel 5 (wizard level) and when enabled all such comments are moderated. It could possibly be fixed by locking the techlevel to something less than 5 to prevent people from ever using expert permissions.
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what language do you speak ?
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Camron Bickford
Yes. I had reinstalled my hub a few times and didn't realize that this was creating multiple Identities for me. I also switched to a different subdomain.
I think the identity is a key generated once. If you reinstall the same hub with the same domain you have a new identity enven with the same name.

Camron Bickford
Yes. It looks like a new ID key is generated with every install.

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It is still not easy to visit the profile of a channel. I am in the Activity page and How to check the profile of a channel ?

Personnaly I can click on the link but I arrive in the channel page. And at the channel there is no link to go to profile. I should type the address and then I can check the profile.

Just a litle link could help to go from a channel to profile and vice versa.
In the sandwitch menu, once you are on the channel of the contact, there is an "About" link. That is the profile.
That said what you say, a link to go from a channel to profile and vice versa, is desirable.
Yes I forget that. Thank you. But I think it is hidden.  something more easy and direct would be nice.

Sandwish menu is doing all.
It need each time 2 clicks.
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Hello @Sophie  I see you are not new here. Welcome in my contact list

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Programing is not my best skill that is why I am not very confortable here in middle of bearded geek. But I can do my little in this project.

- 1 I use it for my needs
- 2. I started to translate the help into french. That is a huge job but it teach me about hubzilla.
- 3 My goal is to make it more simple for basic user. Hubzilla is very complex and maybe too complex for most of us. I am sure we can make it simple. I will concentrate on ergonomy and usability.
- 4 I try to invite friend here to talk with them and see where is the problem why they come and why they don't come. This is kind of empathy. For us it is easy for you can have many possibilites of problem. specialy at the begining. I think create forum like new here is very good.
- 5 Dreaming is not enought. Hubzilla has a lot of potential but I want to be very practical and I will try to make smal improvements little step by little step.

ActivityPub Rocks!
To submit an implementation report, use the ActivityPub test suite to generate an implementation report and then submit that report to the ActivityPub issue tracker. (Or, file a PR directly to this site's repository.) Bridgy Fed is a bridge that converts between webmentions, ActivityPub and OStatus. It connects the IndieWeb with federated social ne...

Sean Tilley
Yeah, it might make sense to file an implementation report for the Hubzilla plugin.

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@Hubzilla Development+

As I used webpage recently, Can I share remarks.  Ergonomy remarks or non logic. You clic create but the button create is still here. If you clic a second time you can loose your work.  And other remarks.

Mike Macgirvin
Possibly more important is that the bbcode markup buttons are present when a different content type is selected. This may be a regression because I'm reasonably certain this once provided a simple text area with no buttons on different content types  but I don't know exactly how long ago.

Anyway I was going to comment on the need to have the content type selector at the top to decide whether to show the markup buttons prior to content creation; but testing it revealed this also needs looking at.
Mario Vavti
Possibly more important is that the bbcode markup buttons are present when a different content type is selected.

This is implemented serverside. If you save a page as html content type you will not see bbcode buttons anymore.
  última edição: Fri, 26 Jan 2018 11:30:11 -0200  
Yes Mike I noticed that too but as I didn't change the content type for real use I forget that. The create button surprise me.

If you are logic.  You click create
You feel the form and then click create

and you loose your work. No Sorry ...
I ckeck the second create close the form or hide it. But it did not create the page.
Today I invited a friend to join Hubzilla but it would be nice that the link between him and me could be done. He said he register a channel but I have to find him now

@Mario Vavti I am not admin on that hub I cannot change anything. That is why I said that I need to move.
giac hellvecio
for garoa you can talk with @Alexandre Hannud Abdo
@Alexandre Hannud Abdo is in my list