In France when you greet a friend or a family member you don’t hug but you say hello with kisses. Rule : A man just give a hand to a man. A woman can kiss a woman A woman can kiss a man Concerning the number of kiss : The general rule is 2. But […]
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Friendica 2018.09 released – friendica
Dear everybody in the Federation, the Fediverse and anywhere else, the Friendica team is pleased to announce the release of Friendica The Tazmans Flax-lily 2018.09. This release brings the long awaited restructuring of the item table in the database, alongside some 100 closed issues from the tracker. Please see the CHANGELOG file for the complete ...

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How to use nomad ? I would like to try

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Hello I try to move a chanel by creating by import. It did not work. Then I created export file of the empty channel then of the content year by year

I could create a channel but when I import a content I have nothing. I check the item table is still empty.

I don't now what do you need for imformation.
take a look at the size of the json files.
No the problem is other. even a very little json and nothing. This hub is install on ngnix with yunohost and I suspect something is missing

On apache with a manual installation all works fine.
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Is it possible as an admin to automaticaly by default pinned few apps.
I would like to pin Activity , contacts and channel home. by default for all channel.
I think as there is no reply that feature is not existing yet.
@The Federation

I did not see osada and zap project on the project list of

Will the be added automaticaly ?
Will the be added automaticaly ?

I don't think so.
Google confirms it's letting third parties scan your Gmail | TheINQUIRER


Google warns users to check their permissions. Well, duh,Security ,Security,Privacy ,Google,gmail
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I think it is maybe too early to ask that kind of question but you can clone a channel from a hub to an other one.

Is it possible to clone or transfer a full hub from a domaine to an other domain

Is it possible to transfer or migrate hubzilla to osada.. Maybe just one command line and it's done. or one parameter somewhere.
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Mastodon is dead in the water – Hacker Noon


Like many others, I had a fun time on this weekend. Many great people from Twitter showed up, as well as other generally…
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hello I accepted you but I would like to have some minimum information. Country language and few things or word of interest.
he asked for friendship in one of my federation channels, after seeing what he posted (and now he deleted) I immediately thought

"as far as possible from this madman!"
I think it is not easy to see who is behind someone who ask for relationships. I always accept and sometimes I update later.
 de Diaspora
Until today, I don't think I had seen this video.
hallucinating !

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Hi I have a problem on a hubzilla server. My debian system is completly brocken I am afraid I should restore all. What is the best way ?
  • Option 1 : Save all source and database and restore the sources and the db like it was.
  • Option 2. Reinstall a fresh hubzilla and link the restored database.
I did it because I make a test for osada and see that with php5 it failed with php7 it works.
it was jessie debian 8

Jordan Feliz is one of my best christian artist in the moment. Changed is a funny video and nice song. The hat symbolize the grace we can have in Jesus. We can be changed. We can have hard time but we can overcome it and be changed.     [Verse 1] Let me tell you, […]
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 changed  Music  Jordan Feliz  Christian Music  Jordan  Feliz
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by Indigo Traveller on YouTube
I really miss patience to use hubzilla.
Votre problème est que vous recherchez une hub avec fédération ouverte à tout .... et  public.
Libranet n'est pas réactif.
Pas besoin de se plaindre du software lorsque votre problème principal est le noeud/hub que vous utilisez à la place.
Oui pas un bon choix de hub. Le problème de l'autohébergement c'est que la base de donnée grossit trés vite donc il faut un bon serveur.
From GNU social to Mastodon : History of the fediverse » talkplus


I think they were also hamstrung by a faith in free software ideology to draw people in. The truth is that software needs to be pretty polished to get a look in either way. Tom Karpiniec wrote an interesting article about the fedivevse. Today Mastodon has a wave of adoption due to the change of rules at Twitter. Before Mastodon was Gnusocial who tr...